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First-Ever MAUM Heroes Tournament

The Heroes Tournament, one of the highlights of the MAUM camporee, aimed to promote the Heroes Bible Trivia Games and encourage the spirit of studying the Bible among the youth.

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6 Ways to Create a Heroes Championship

Want to create a Heroes championship for your church, small group, youth group, family, friends, Sunday or Sabbath school class, and not sure how to do it? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

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Heroes Reaches 1 Million Downloads

Within about 30 months of its initial release, Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game has surpassed 1 million downloads. This impressive milestone is a testament to the app’s popularity, yet it is the testimonies that speak to something more significant: its spiritual and evangelistic impact.

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heroes update two point zero

Update 2.0 for Heroes

As you may already know, since the release of Heroes in 2021, our team has been working to bring improvements to Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game. After much feedback and testing, we are thrilled to announce the biggest update ever made in the past two years, called Version 2.0!

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