6 Ways to Create a Heroes Championship

Want to create a Heroes championship for your church, small group, youth group, family, friends, Sunday or Sabbath school class, and not sure how to do it? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ll explain clearly and simply six ways to create a Heroes championship or tournament. Whether you’re a curious novice or a seasoned pro, this guide will be very useful for you and your community!

1- The Classic Tournament

 Let’s start with the first and most important one! Both your app and the apps of all the participants in the championship need to be updated to the latest version of Heroes. This will prevent bugs and allow you to enjoy the latest game features. Ready with the update? Let’s proceed!

6 Ways to Create a Heroes Championship

Open the app, go to the “Challenges” section, and create your own Heroes challenge. Share the challenge link via WhatsApp, Instagram, email, or however you like, even through smoke signals! ­čĄú Anything goes to share that link! Once all participants receive the link, they can play and answer the challenge questions, remembering that each player has only one chance per challenge. Automatically, the challenge ranking will indicate which participant answered the questions correctly and quickly.

Remember that in this format, you can include as many people as you want! Finally, just check the ranking to find out who the grand champion is. May the fastest one win!

2- Evolution of the Classic Format

Did you think the fun ended there? Not at all! Here, the game becomes even more exciting. Invite the top five or ten (or however many you want) from the first round to a new elimination round. Quick tip: if you can do this second level in person in the classic way, there will be even more excitement and adrenaline!

Generate a new unique challenge link for those players who excelled in the first round and share the link with them through messages or by generating a QR code and projecting it. (You can use these free platforms to generate your QR code: QR Code Generator, QR Stuff, or

Each player should open or scan the QR code link, and that’s when the excitement takes over everyone! Once each player answers the questions for the round, you decide if you want to reward the participants at that point or if the competition continues with more elimination rounds. Feel free to choose what’s most interesting for your tournament, whether it’s advancing with more quarterfinals, semifinals, or finals.

3- In-Person Events

If the excitement of in-person events makes your heartbeat faster, get ready for an experience that will set your youth camp, Sunday retreat, Sunday school, Pathfinder, or camporee on fire!

Basically, this type of championship follows one of the previous options but in person. Here, you can issue one challenge per day throughout the event. Invite people to play using the challenge link. At the end, calculate the average position of each participant in all the challenges to determine the overall ranking. To keep the competition intense and the calculations smoother, we suggest a maximum of ten participants, so you don’t get lost in the numbers. If you have a larger group, other formats are more feasible.

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate the champions at the end. It can be with a symbolic coronation, a medal, or even a virtual trophy. After all, heroes deserve recognition! Get ready for days full of challenges, laughter, and joy; this is the perfect formula for an unforgettable event!

4- Try the Event Mode

 If a lack of cell phones or internet access is a challenge in your reality, try the Event Mode to successfully conduct your Heroes championship! Access the settings in the Heroes app and choose the “Events” option. Here, you have the freedom to create and name your own event.

6 Ways to Create a Heroes Championship

When you click “play,” participants can choose avatars, and each answer will be accompanied by special effects (in limited numbers, but with all of them available and very useful). Each player can participate as many times as they want, and the scores will be displayed in the event ranking.

In this mode, all players need to play on the same device. But if you need more than one device to make the event happen, simply log in with the host’s account on another phone or tablet. All matches will be saved and recorded in the same event, even if played on different devices. Remember, once it’s over, there’s no turning back. So, think carefully when you want to conclude an open event. And, of course, you can only conduct one event at a time on each login. Ready for the fun of Event Mode?

5- Heroes Themed PowerPoint

If your group is more visual and hasn’t installed the game on their phones yet, how about projecting the questions and answer options on a screen, whether in church, at home, or wherever the adventure takes place? Use the Heroes templates available on our website to give a professional and beautiful touch to the dynamics. Here, you can choose your questions and as many rounds as you want, you’re in charge!

While everyone prepares for the battle of answers, you lead the journey, marking the correct answers and raising the group’s adrenaline. In the end, record the name of each participant and their answers to crown the grand winner. Get ready for a competitive experience full of excitement!

6- We Make Your Life Easier: Videos with Ready-Made Questions

If you’re looking for an even more visual experience without getting your hands dirty, we have a special option for you! Access our Heroes YouTube channel, subscribe to stay updated on the latest, and choose the quiz you want from the various heroes and themes available. Some examples of available themes are:

You only need to project the video on a big screen, TV, or computer. Keep the excitement high: let the question appear, give participants time to make their guesses, and then hit play to reveal the correct answer.

Don’t forget to record the names of the participants and how many correct answers each one achieved. If you want to elevate the excitement even more, create an immersive atmosphere with lights and music, turning the event into a true saga of knowledge and fun!

There are many possibilities for creating a Heroes championship, right? Whether in the classic format, with exciting in-person events, or by exploring the Event Mode… the choice is entirely yours. If you have more ideas on how to play Heroes with your group, share your suggestions with us. We’d love to hear them and can share them with others. So, which of these championships will you try first?

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