About Us

What is Heroes?

Heroes is a Bible trivia game app that aims to connect people with the Bible and its stories.

We provide an entertaining and educational experience that helps people further understand the Bible and find hope, healing, and freedom in Jesus.

Why “Heroes”?

Because of pop culture, especially the movie industry, we have linked the term “hero” to someone who yields superpowers.

But it has nothing to do with how the dictionary defines it: “a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievement, or noble qualities.”

As used in this Bible trivia game, “heroes” refer to Bible characters whom we admire for such qualities.

Sure, these Bible heroes had nothing special in themselves alone. But when they allowed the Holy Spirit to work in their lives, they were able to do great things. Just like them, we too can be led by God to do amazing things. With this, we can become “heroes” in this modern generation.



Inspired by the growing gaming industry, Christ’s Gospel commission, and the concept of identity by Steve Jobs, Sam Neves, the current associate director of communications for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, created the first edition of Heroes. 

According to this brilliant creator of the game, “The Bible is the foundation document of Western Civilization, but young people today know more about the comics than the classics.” For this reason, he envisioned Heroes speaking this new visual language through a trivia game “that brings…ancient stories to life.”

Released in 2013, this first edition presented a Bible trivia quiz in 2D graphics with the style of a comic book. Generating more than 10 million minutes of interaction with a biblical narrative, it became a pioneer game that opened the doors to many other Adventist games.


This version achieved great success, but it could be improved by integrating elements of storytelling, technology, and graphics. This, along with a growing interest in Bible trivia games, prompted the development team to create a second edition.

For this, hundreds of volunteers from different countries organized themselves into different departments, focusing on improving the game’s graphics, gameplay, and user experience, as well as incorporating more engaging storytelling elements. They also aimed to make the game more accessible by translating it into different languages and marketing it across multiple platforms.

Through their combined efforts, the second edition of Heroes was published by Hope Channel in 3D graphics on March 25, 2021.

Our App and Its Features

Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game challenges players with questions about the Bible, its characters, which we call “heroes,” and their stories.

For every correct answer, a player earns experience points (XPs) and manna, which he can use to unlock new heroes, level up his game, and acquire effects that will help him on his journey.

These are some of our app features:

  • 3D animation with sound effects for a realistic and immersive experience
  • Power effects that help you answer questions more quickly and efficiently (see what these effects are here, what they do, and what inspired them)
  • Original soundtrack entitled “The Great Battle” (composed by Clayton Nunes, orchestrated by The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Williams Costa Jr., and sung by Laura Morena)
  • Character profiles and background stories of our featured Bible heroes
  • Multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge your family and friends by sharing a link (your friends will play and answer the same 12 questions to try to beat your score)
  • The “Big Questions” Bible study portal that provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Bible (e.g., “If God is good, why do we suffer?” and “What happens when you die?”) with its heroes as your virtual guides
  • Prayer chat support facilitated by our prayer warriors who are ready and willing to pray for you 24/7                    

Our Mission and Vision

We exist to help people further understand the Bible and find hope, healing, and freedom in the ultimate Superhero, Jesus.

We are here to help children, youth, and adults alike know more about the amazing stories of the Bible, to realize that, when we partner with Jesus, you and I can be considered heroes of today, just like our Bible characters. 

When all is said and done, we want to inspire our players to dedicate their lives to Jesus and be ready to meet Him face to face on that glorious day of His appearing.

Through our app, content, and social media platforms, we envision to become the best Bible trivia game and resource ever, providing an entertaining and educational experience that connects people with the Bible and its stories. 

With this, we aim to instill identity by reminding this generation of who the real heroes are.


Our Team and Organization

Currently headed by Project Manager Jefferson Nascimento, our team is composed of hundreds of volunteers from different countries who work in these departments:

  • Art Department: Responsible for creating the graphics, animation, music, sound effects, and videos for the game
  • Engineering Department: Handles the coding, programming, and other technical aspects of the game
  • Marketing Department: Produces content and translates it into different languages; administers and optimizes the website; and promotes the game via email and on social media, news channels, and other platforms

To find the names of all the people and organizations comprising our team, go to the Settings menu of our app, then tap Credits.

Try Heroes Now!

Heroes is absolutely free and has no advertisements. It works on both Android and Apple devices.

It is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swahili, Romanian, Tagalog, Bahasa Melayu, Korean, and many other languages.

You can play it in single-player or multiplayer mode. With the multiplayer mode, you can share the fun with and challenge your family, friends, and even pastors to play with you.

Download and play it now!