Heroes in the Largest Board Game Convention in Latin America

Heroes was represented by a Brazilian Seventh-day Adventist university at Diversão Offline, the largest board game convention in Latin America. The event took place on June 10th and 11th, in São Paulo, and brought together the main retailers, creators, and publishers of card and board games.

Bárbara Côrtes, the organizer of the convention, points out that the number of participants has grown since last year. “In 2022, there were around 7,000 people present. This year, the number surpassed the 10,000 thousand mark during the two days of programming,” she exclaims.

The Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo (UNASP) was the first and only teaching institution to participate in the fair and to exhibit religious games and projects, including the Ludoteca and Game Lab “Save Point,” the technological course offered by Educação Adventista a Distância de Tecnologias em Jogos Digitais e o Heroes. During Fun Offline, people who visited the university stand were able to learn more about the game and its mechanics.

Heroes in the Largest Board Game Convention in Latin America
UNASP was present at the event, being the first educational institution to exhibit. Photo: Personal archive.

About Heroes

Heroes is an app for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. It is a Bible trivia game whose objective is to answer questions related to the Bible, its heroes, and their stories correctly and in the shortest possible time. The player can use game effects and mechanics to help him answer questions and unlock new heroes as he advances his game.

Pastor Allan Novaes, a professor at UNASP and coordinator of the Ludoteca “Save Point,” was one of those responsible for the university’s stand at DOFF. According to him, “many people who download and play the game later ask for Bible studies to deepen their knowledge.”

He affirmed that this happens because Heroes aims to encourage the study of the Bible and promote the values and ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in a dynamic and attractive way. “Heroes is a game that, despite being in the online universe, has an impact outside the online world.” He added, “It is a very dynamic game focused on the young audience of the church.”

Brazil is a country where games have a significant presence in the leisure of the population. According to the 2023 Game Brasil Survey, which is responsible for mapping the consumption and behavior of gamers, 70.1% of Brazilians consume electronic games frequently.

Of that percentage, 82.1% of people say that gaming is one of their favorite forms of entertainment, and more than half use their smartphone as their primary device. Therefore, the country has invested in the game scenario and in the gamification of education; that is, in the use of games as a teaching tool.

According to Pastor Novaes, gamification makes content that is sometimes difficult to understand in a more attractive, didactic, and simplified way. In the case of Heroes, this process is applied to learning about Bible stories, attracting players, and stimulating the study of the Word of God.

Heroes in the Largest Board Game Convention in Latin America
Visitors were able to enjoy relaxed moments at the estate. Photo: Personal archive.

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By Giulia Marucci | Editing: Ana Clara Silveira

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