Top 10 Printables for Kids to Learn Bible Stories

Looking for the best but free printables for kids to learn the stories of the Bible?

In this article, discover the top 10 websites that provide them.

1) Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game

Heroes logo

A short background about the game

Heroes is a Bible trivia game spearheaded by Sam Neves, associate director of communications at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The game was launched by Hope Channel on March 25, 2021.

It aims to connect you with the Bible and its stories, providing you an entertaining and educational experience that helps you further understand the Bible. With this, the game envisions you finding hope, healing, and freedom in Jesus.

It does this by educating you about the Bible heroes and their stories through an interactive quiz format.

You answer questions about them. For every correct answer, you earn rewards and points that you can use to boost and level up your game.

Its free printables for kids

Heroes printables

The free printable resources Heroes offers for kids include word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, drawing pages, and a lot more.

Grab them all here on this Pinterest channel (which will be updated with more content soon) to download, print, and play with your kids. You can also share them with your church leaders and school staff to be used in their educational activities.

2) Heroes of the Word

Heroes: Heroes of the Word logo
Photo credit: Heroes of the Word

An overview of this resource

Heroes of the Word is a children’s picture book series written by Jonathan Sparks, a Christian author actively sharing the message of love and hope through literature and worship.

This series introduces Bible heroes through a collection of engaging and accessible stories with beautiful illustrations and a nursery rhyme format.

Featured on NBC Studio 17 live in Bakersfield, California, the series encourages your child to develop a love for reading. This emphasizes the transformative power of books to stimulate imagination and foster a passion for learning.

Its currently featured storybooks with coloring pages

1. A Boy Named Samson

Heroes: Heroes of the Word | A Boy Named Samson
Photo credit: Heroes of the Word

Through this book, your kids will explore the tale of Samson, one of the Bible’s mightiest men, embarking on an exciting journey to discover his heroic feats and the lessons he learned.

With vibrant illustrations and compelling storytelling, the book vividly portrays Samson’s faith, courage, perseverance, and humility. 

This makes it an ideal introduction to the inspiring world of the Bible that sparks imagination and instills heroism.

Purchase this storybook here and download for free the coloring booklet here for printing.

2. Miriam: The First Prophetess

Heroes: Heroes: Heroes of the Word | Miriam: The First Prophetess
Photo credit: Heroes of the Word

This book features a captivating story of bravery and leadership as Miriam confronts Pharaoh, protects Moses, and shows her faith in God’s plan for her life.

Through vivid illustrations and engaging storytelling, the book inspires imagination, embraces unique gifts, and empowers children to become heroes in their own lives.

Purchase this storybook here and download for free the coloring booklet here for printing.

3) Mission Bible Class

Heroes: Mission Bible Class logo
Photo credit: Mission Bible Class

What is this website?

Mission Bible Class was founded by Mary Nelson, a woman passionate in equipping Christians worldwide to share God’s Word in ways that profoundly impact children, shaping their worldviews and fostering life-long relationships with Jesus Christ.

Driven by her 40+ years of experience in teaching children’s Bible classes, this online platform serves as a comprehensive resource hub, providing practical biblical teaching materials and training in simple teaching methods.

With a focus on faithfulness to God, respect for children and families, and acknowledgment of diverse cultures, the platform offers free resources for a global audience.

It has become a valuable tool for churches, missionaries, and individuals seeking to spiritually nurture children.

What free printable activities for kids does it provide?

Heroes: Mission Bible Class printables
Photo credit: Mission Bible Class

The website offers free printable lesson plan templates, Bible story illustrations, cards to collect and match, bookmarks to take home, pictures for attendance charts, and many others.

You can find them all on the following pages of their website:

4) Bible Story Printables 

Heroes: Bible Story Printables logo
Photo credit: Bible Story Printables

About the website

This website doesn’t contain any information about its author. But it is a collection of free Bible story printables and resources for home and church class use.

Its free printable resources for kids

Heroes: Bible Story Printables printables
Photo credit: Bible Story Printables

This website offers free printable Bible themes, coloring pages, crafts, timelines, bookmarks, mazes, bingo, alphabet charts, worksheets, writing exercises, verse booklets, and preschool and homeschool curricula.

The following are its best-selling resources:

  • Bible ABC Dab Mazes
  • Bible ABC Handwriting
  • Bible ABC Dab & Dot
  • Bible Bingo
  • Bible ABC Charts
  • Bible ABC Q-Tip

5) Messy Church 

Heroes: Messy Church Logo
Photo credit: Messy Church

Information about the company

Initiated at St. Wilfrid’s in Cowplain, Messy Church was born from a vision to break down faith barriers and nurture family growth across all ages.

Lucy Moore, an early contributor, propelled its global expansion, leading to its incorporation into Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF).

Guided by core values—centered around Christ, inclusivity for all ages, creativity, hospitality, and celebration—Messy Church orchestrates monthly gatherings across 30+ countries.

These events blend diverse activities, songs, and worship, aiming to introduce Jesus to varied audiences.

The ongoing journey is now under the stewardship of BRF’s Messy Church team, spearheaded by Aike Kennett-Brown, Jane Butler, and Sally O’Hare.

Aike directs international support, resource development, and transformative projects, while Jane manages training, support teams, and research. Sally oversees social media, project coordination, and facilitation.

Together, the team strives to sustain Messy Church’s global impact through continuous training, support, and interconnectedness, acknowledging its dynamic evolution since its inception.

Its featured resources

Heroes: Messy Church printables
Photo credit: Messy Church

Messy Church provides Christian books, magazines, home craft ideas, session materials, and a lot more about the nature of God, Bible characters and their stories, Jesus’ parables, practical Christian topics, and others.

Get them all here!

6) Ministry-To-Children

Heroes: Ministry-To-Children logo
Photo credit: Ministry-To-Children

What is this website about?

Founded by Tony Kummer in 2007, Ministry-To-Children is a free online resource offering Bible-based materials for pastors, church class teachers, homeschool parents, and Christian school teachers.

With a mission to help people share the message of Jesus with children, the website provides age-appropriate Bible study materials for children of all ages.

It emphasizes the importance of children’s ministry in church growth, eternal impact, and Jesus’ love for children. It offers resources and advice to enhance outreach programs and create a safe and fun environment for kids.

The website’s commitment is reflected in providing free, high-quality teaching materials for churches with limited financial resources.

What free printable resources can your kids get from this website?

Heroes: Ministry-To-Children printables
Photo credit: Ministry-To-Children

Ministry-To-Children provides free Bible class activities, word search puzzles, craft ideas, coloring pages, daily routine checklists, calendars, sermon bundles, lessons, ministry curricula, and many more.

Grab them all here!

7) Calvary Curriculum

Heroes: Calvary Curriculum logo
Photo credit: Calvary Curriculum

General information about the organization

Calvary Curriculum, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing children’s spiritual growth, was founded by Pastor Larry Enterline and his wife Barbie.

Emphasizing having a personal relationship with Jesus, the curriculum focuses on daily Bible reading and prayer.

With this, the website offers meticulously categorized resources, including Old and New Testament curricula, posters, and materials for children’s ministry.

These offerings are enriched by contributors like Sergio Cariello and translators Rosemary Fernandez and Yldefonso Valdés.

Free printable resources you can grab for your kids

Heroes: Calvary Curriculum printables
Photo credit: Calvary Curriculum

Its free printable resources include over 660 Bible study plans, curricula, crafts, activity pages, and coloring pages. It also provides a collection of classroom posters and resources. There are also wall arts and infographic posters.

You can find them all here.

8) ABC Jesus Loves Me

ABC Jesus Loves Me logo
Photo credit: ABC Jesus Loves Me

About the website

ABC Jesus Loves Me, founded by Heidi Franz, is a global educational ministry offering a comprehensive curriculum since 2008.

Appropriate for ages 1 to 5, its curriculum integrates academics, development, and Bible learning through play.

Used globally, it includes unit studies, a Bible curriculum, digital downloads, and the Be Intentional Planner.

Available resources for your kids

Heroes: ABC Jesus Loves Me printables
Photo credit: ABC Jesus Loves Me

Resources include online Bible curricula, planners, color packets, activity workbooks, prayer verses, and calendars.

Find them all here!

9) Trueway Kids

Heroes: True Way Kids logo
Photo credit: Trueway Kids

What is this website?

Trueway Kids is a platform dedicated to helping busy parents, grandparents, and teachers explore the Bible with children under 5 years old.

Founded by Jon, Dani, and Timothy, the platform has been offering free weekly Bible lessons since 2019.

These lessons include outlines, stories, games, activities, worksheets, coloring pages, crafts, and more, emphasizing a Bible-based, educational, and creative approach.

Additionally, Trueway Kids addresses the challenges of teaching children about God, acknowledging the time constraints and exhaustion parents often face.

And so, the platform supports users in engaging preschoolers with fun, age-appropriate, and educational activities centered around weekly Bible stories.

What free printable resources for kids does it provide?

Heroes: trueway - Prints
Photo credit: Trueway Kids

Trueway Kids offers free printable Old Testament and New Testament Bible lessons, educational learning packs, Vacation Bible School programs, and many more.

Grab them all here.

10) Garden of Praise

Heroes: Garden of Praise logo
Photo credit: Garden of Praise

About the website

Garden of Praise is an educational website founded in 1999 by Patsy Stevens, a veteran classroom teacher with 35 years of experience.

The site offers a vast array of free printable teaching materials for use at home and in classrooms.

The content covers diverse subjects, including Bible lessons, literature-based reading lessons, biography lessons, musical activities, games, puzzles, and other activities for kids. 

The website provides resources for teachers, parents, and students, with a focus on enhancing learning through engaging and interactive materials.

The site also features inspirational content, family stories, gardening tips, and a collection of paintings by Vera Griffin.

Its free printable activities for kids

Heroes: Garden of Praise printables
Photo credit: Garden of Praise

Its free printable resources include Bible stories, lessons, slideshows, biographies, trivia, school activities, coloring pages, memory hooks, picture puzzles, jeopardy, word guess, flashcards, spelling, and many others.

Get them all here

What’s on Your Mind?

What do you think about these 10 websites offering free printables for kids? Which one interests you the most?

What other websites with this kind of resource do you have in mind?

Share your ideas in the comments below.

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