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Curious how Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game was created? What if we told you it came out of a crazy idea? In this blog, you will: Meet the two people who initiated that “crazy idea” Know what that idea was and how it paved the way for Heroes Learn valuable lessons from the humble beginning of this project No time to waste. Let’s get into it!
ou’ve probably heard of Hope Channel. But did you know it is a partner of Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game? What role does it play? In this blog, we will talk about: Hope Channel and its mission, organization, coverage, and programs Its partnership roles and programs for Heroes
Have you ever been at the top but fell to the bottom? Did you make many mistakes in life? The once “Prince of Egypt” is not far from anyone. Moses is a Bible hero that you might very much relate to. In this article, we will look deeper into the relationship between Moses and the burning bush. We’ll discuss the following: