8 Best Online Apps to Play With Friends Some Bible Trivia

Looking for the best online apps to play with friends some trivia questions about the Bible and its stories?

In this blog, discover the top 8 of them.

1) Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game

Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game

A brief background

Heroes was spearheaded by Sam Neves, the associate director of communications for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It was co-produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Hope Channel.

The game introduces you to various characters in the Bible. They are presented as “heroes,” hence, the name of the game.

You get to know them more by answering trivial questions they themselves ask. For every correct answer, you get manna and experience points or XP.

As you earn more points, you level up and unlock more heroes to play.

Key features

a. 3D animation with music and sound effects

Compared to our pilot version, our latest one is enhanced with 3D animation technology.

The characters are designed with strong, muscular body builds to project an impression that they’re really heroes.

Also, enjoy the anthem music and sound effects as you play! You can hear them throughout the game.

b. XP and manna

You get manna and XPs if you answer the questions correctly. The more manna and XPs you get, the more effects you can use to unlock more heroes.

c. Power effects

  • Abraham effect – eliminates 2 of 4 options to help you get the most potential answer
  • Daniel effect – gives you the Bible verse that hints you to the correct answer
  • Elijah effect – doubles your XP to level up faster and unlock new heroes
  • Friday effect – doubles the manna you get from every correct answer
  • Jonah effect – allows you to skip difficult questions anytime you like
  • Joshua effect – freezes the timer for 5 seconds to give you more time to think
  • Jesus effect – removes your errors and shows you “the way”
  • Lazarus effect – gives you a second chance
  • Revelation effect – halves the match time if you answer all questions correctly; shoots your way up to the leaderboard

d. Multiplayer mode

With this feature, you can share the fun with your friends and challenge them to a friendly competition.

e. Hope Channel

This feature gives you access to Hope Channel, the official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

It includes at least 68 channels covering Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Pacific. With this, it broadcasts in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Mandarin, Russian, Tamil, Hindi, Ukrainian, Arabic, and Telugu.

Its programs tackle Christian living, faith, health, relationships, the community, and many others.

f. The Big Questions

In the game, our heroes ask you questions. With this Bible study course, it’s the other way around.

Heroes answer people’s most frequently asked questions on the Internet. These questions come in 20 modules prepared for you. Each module is packed with biblical references and practical illustrations.

g. Prayer portal

Do you have prayer requests? Our team is open 24/7, ready to listen to your concerns and pray for you.

Here’s how to play it:

a. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.
b. Open it and click Play.
c. Select a Bible character.
d. Choose at least 3 power effects from the Satchel.
e. Click Play.
f. Answer the 12 provided questions.

2) Superbook Bible Trivia Game

A brief background

Heroes: Superbook Bible Trivia Game
Photo credit: Superbook

This Bible trivia game was developed by the producers of the Emmy-nominated Superbook animation series.

It includes 14 episodes from its series such as the following:

  • David and Goliath
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Daniel and the Lions’ Den
  • The First Christmas

What makes this game special is the presence of Gizmo.

Gizmo is the red robot you see in the official poster. He gives you information about the game and guides you in your adventures.

What are some of its features?

a. Power-ups

  • Lightning Bolt – takes away one of your incorrect answers
  • Snowflake – pauses timer to give you more time to think
  • Gizmo Guess – selects the correct answer for you
  • Unlocking Power-up – the reward you get by answering a question correctly
  • Downloading Power-up – power-up you need to download to use a lifeline you unlocked
  • Earning Back Power-up – a gem that you get by answering a question correctly, allowing you to purchase unlimited power-ups

b. Unlimited Bible hints

This feature gives you a Bible verse that leads you to the correct answer. This is useful when you’re trying to beat your opponent’s high score. But remember to keep it a secret!

c. Levels

  • Easy – gives you 30 seconds to read the trivia question and select your answer; credits 10 points for each correct answer
  • Medium – gives you 20 seconds to read the questions and choose the answer; offers 20 points for a correct answer
  • Hard – gives you only 5 seconds to read and answer; adds you 30 points for every correct answer

How to play it?

a. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.
b. Open it and click Games.
c. Choose your desired game then click Play.
d. Play your chosen game to unlock more levels.

3) Play the Bible Ultimate Verses

What is this game?

Heroes: Play the Bible Ultimate Verses
Photo credit: Play the Bible

Play the Bible is a free word-matching game developed by RD Games.

With this format, you get to learn Bible verses while having fun playing.

While it’s free, you can also upgrade your game by sharing it with friends or acquiring gold bars.

Exciting features to try

a. Bible verses

Enjoy over 31,000 Bible verses to form by matching colored tiles.

b. Effects

  • Fireballs – for clearing a word
  • Iceboom – for clearing 1 line
  • Electrocon – for clearing 3 lines
  • Lightstrike – for clearing an entire verse

c. Angel

This brilliant angel helps you progress one verse after another.

d. Spirit points

These are the points you earn by answering a question after playing every verse. With these, you earn more gold bars.

e. Wisdom breaks

This feature gives you encouraging words from ancient texts.

f. Bonus rounds

This option allows you to earn gold bars and get more moves as you match colored tiles.

g. Character progress

It shows you how you progress while learning about your favorite Bible characters in each verse.

h. Multiplayer mode

If you’re bored playing it alone, you can turn this feature on to play with your friends. You can have it one on one or with groups of 10, 20, 50, or more.

Here’s how to play it:

a. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.
b. Open it and click Play.
c. Match lettered tiles with similar colors to form the Bible verse being asked.
d. Unlock new Bible verses as you progress through the game.
e. Earn points by answering a question after playing every verse to earn more gold.

4) Bible Charades

Let’s get to know it!

Heroes: Bible Charades
Photo credit: Bible Charades

If you’re familiar with charades, this game is much like that. But instead of random topics, you’ll guess biblical characters, places, events, and so on.

Wams Mobile developed this app. Unlike the previous games we featured, this one contains advertisements and in-app purchases.

What does it offer?

a. Tutorial

This gives you a quick preview of the game and instructions to play it.

b. Categories

Heroes: Features of Bible Charades
Photo credit: Bible Charades
  • Quick Play – guessing the name of any random person or thing
  • Characters – guessing the name of a person
  • Places – guessing the name of a place
  • Acting – guessing the name of an event
  • Terms – guessing the terminology being referred to

c. Option to share

Share the game with your friends via social media, wireless connection, or any of the available options. Challenge them in a friendly competition with you.

How to get started?

a. Download the app from the App Store.
b. Open it and choose a category to play.
c. Place your device on your forehead.
d. Ask questions and guess as many words as you can in 1 minute.
e. Flip up your device if you guess the word correctly. Flip it down if you want to skip.

5) Bible Character Quiz

A brief background

Heroes: Bible Character Quiz
Photo credit: Bible Character Quiz

Developed and published by SuperApps Lab, this game comes with advertisements.

Bible Character Quiz is much like 4 Pics 1 Word. You guess the name of a Bible character by finding the relationship among 4 given images.

What does it have in store for you?

a. Difficulty levels

  • Easy
  • Hard

No medium level? Well, you only have to choose between easy and difficult.

By the way, each level contains 10 questions.

b. Question formats

  • Multiple choices – 4 options to guess the name of the character
  • Fill in the boxes – 2 or more boxes to fill in and 12 letters to choose from

c. Power-up

Every time you guess the name of a character, you earn a clue. You can use this to answer other questions.

Steps to get started:

a. Download the app from Play Store.
b. Open it and choose your desired difficulty level.
c. Analyze the given images to guess the name of the character being asked.

6) Bible Verse Puzzle

Heroes: Bible Verse Puzzle
Photo credit: Bible Verse Puzzle

What is this game?

Developed by Tap4Joy, this word puzzle game contains advertisements and in-app purchases.

The goal is to search, connect, and collect letters to form words that complete the given Bible verse.

What are its features?

a. At least 1,000 verses to complete
b. Quotes and images to enjoy while solving the puzzles
c. Offline mode

To get started, follow these steps:

a. Download the app from sites such as APK Pure and Softonic.
b. Open it and start with level 1.
c. Identify the missing words in the given Bible verse.
d. Form those words by connecting letters from the block square.

7) Bible Crossword Puzzle

A brief background

Heroes: Bible Crossword Puzzle
Photo credit: Bible Crossword

Bible Crossword Puzzle was developed by Touchzing Media Private Limited. It contains advertisements but it’s free of charge.

This game is not like any classic crossword puzzle because it has a devotional touch. While enjoying crosswords, you form Bible verses to meditate upon and challenge your knowledge of the Bible.

What features should you expect?

a. Soothing music and relaxing wallpapers conducive for concentration
b. Option to share the verses with your friends on WhatsApp
c. Option to save the verses on your device
d. Option to post your favorite verse as a status on social media
e. Hints to help you out when stuck
f. Offline mode

Steps to play it:

a. Download the app from Play Store.
b. Open it and start with level 1.
c. Get letters from the circle to form words on the crossword grid.
d. Using those words, complete the puzzle and unlock another Bible verse.

8) Bible Quiz Time! (Genesis–Revelation)

A little background

Heroes: Bible Quiz Time! (Genesis–Revelation)
Photo credit: Bible Quiz Time

This Bible game was developed by I’ve Seen Jesus and Shadeen Anglin Ministries. Like our previously featured apps, this one contains advertisements too.

This game comprises intriguing and intelligible questions from Genesis to Revelation. It tests your knowledge of the Bible.

What does it have for you to enjoy?

a. 66 books (Genesis through Revelation) to choose from the Bible
b. Unlimited questions
c. Multiple choices to answer each question
d. Points to earn

Getting started is as easy as follows:

a. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.
b. Open it and click Start.
c. Choose your desired book of the Bible.
d. Answer the questions.

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