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3 Qualities That Determine Why Bible Heroes Are Called Such

Why are biblical characters called “Bible heroes”?

In this blog, we will:

  • Meet 5 of the most amazing heroes from the Bible
  • Identify 3 qualities that determine why they are called such
  • Draw 4 life lessons from them

Get to Know 5 of These Bible Heroes

1) Noah

Heroes: Noah

Noah, a righteous man of his generation, was chosen by God to unfold His plan to cleanse the world from sin (Genesis 6:9).

He received instructions to construct an ark over 120 years (verses 14-16), warning people of the impending flood (2 Peter 2:5). But despite his efforts, they dismissed him (Matthew 24:37-39).

When the flood came, only Noah’s family and animals entered the ark (Genesis 7:1-16). 

The rains lasted 40 days and nights while the ark floated safely (verses 12 and 17-24). Eventually, it settled on Mount Ararat (verse 4 of chapter 8).

After some time, Noah sent out a raven and a dove to find dry land (verses 6-12). When the dove returned with an olive leaf, signaling the receding waters, they disembarked (verse 11).

A rainbow appeared as a sign a covenant with God, promising no further global destruction (verses 12-17 of chapter 9).

2) Joseph

Heroes: Joseph

Joseph, the firstborn son of Jacob and Rachel, had 11 brothers. 

These brothers, envious of their father’s favoritism towards him, were further incensed by his dreams foretelling his future superiority (Genesis 37:3-11). Their jealousy led them to sell him as a slave to some merchants bound for Egypt.

In Egypt, Joseph found himself in the service of Potiphar, Pharaoh’s captain, excelling to oversee the household until false accusations by Potiphar’s wife landed him in prison (verses 1-20 of chapter 39).

In prison, Joseph interpreted the dreams of 2 fellow prisoners, predicting outcomes that came to pass (verses 1-23 of chapter 40).

Years later, Pharaoh sought Joseph’s interpretation of his dream, leading to Joseph’s appointment as second-in-command to manage Egypt’s grain stores in preparation for famine (verses 1-57 of chapter 41).

When famine struck, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt seeking food.

Unrecognized by them but aware of their presence, Joseph tested them before revealing his identity (verses 1-38 of chapter 42).

Overwhelmed with emotion, Joseph disclosed his identity, reconciled with his brothers, and invited his family to Egypt (verses 1-28 of chapter 45). What a dramatic reunion (verses 28-34 of chapter 46)!

3) Moses

Heroes: Moses

Moses, an Israelite baby, hardly escaped Pharaoh’s decree to kill all such infants.

His mother concealed him in a basket on the river, where Pharaoh’s daughter discovered and took pity on him, allowing him to be raised in Pharaoh’s household (Exodus 2:1-10).

Witnessing the suffering of his people, Moses intervened when he saw an Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew. It resulted in him fleeing to Midian to avoid Pharaoh’s wrath (verses 11-15). There, he married Zipporah and tended sheep.

In the wilderness, God talked to Moses through a burning bush, commissioning him to liberate the Israelites from Egypt (verses 1-10 of chapter 3). Moses initially hesitated but eventually accepted the call.

Returning to Egypt, Moses confronted Pharaoh, demanding the Israelites’ release, accompanied by miraculous signs (verses 1-17 of chapter 4).

But despite witnessing divine interventions, Pharaoh refused to yield until 10 devastating plagues befell Egypt (chapters 7–12).

Only then did Pharaoh relent and permit the Israelites to leave (verses 31-33 of chapter 12). Guided by Moses, they journeyed towards freedom, crossing the Red Sea miraculously (verses 21-31 of chapter 14).

4) Esther

Heroes: Esther

Esther, meaning “star” in Persian and “Hadassah” in Hebrew, was raised by her cousin Mordecai after her parents’ death, amid a community forced to relocate to Persia. 

Selected for a royal “beauty pageant,” she won the favor of King Ahasuerus, becoming queen (Esther 2:1-17).

Her reign faced peril when Haman, appointed chief adviser, sought to annihilate the Jewish population due to Mordecai’s refusal to bow. Concealing her Jewish identity, Esther grappled with revealing the truth to the king to save her people (3:1-6; 4:1-17).

Upon Mordecai’s counsel, Esther bravely approached the king, risking her life, and invited him and Haman to banquets to unveil Haman’s plot gradually (5:1-8; 6:14).

With divine guidance, Esther revealed Haman’s treachery, leading to his downfall and Mordecai’s ascension as chief adviser (7:1-10; 8:1-2).

The king’s decree granted the Jews the right to defend themselves, reversing their fate and establishing a day of celebration, the festival of Purim (8:8-14; 9:1-32).

Through Esther’s courage and divine intervention, the Jewish community triumphed over adversity.

5) David

Heroes: David

David, a shepherd boy, lived a humble life tending his father’s sheep, displaying courage by defending them from predators like lions and bears (1 Samuel 17:34-36).

Despite his father’s oversight, Prophet Samuel anointed David as Israel’s future king, recognizing his divine destiny (verses 12-13 of chapter 16).

During a critical moment in Israel’s history, David faced Goliath, a formidable Philistine giant who terrorized the Israelite army (verses 4-11 of chapter 17).

While others hesitated, David, armed only with a slingshot and 5 stones, volunteered to confront the giant (verses 32-37). Despite King Saul’s skepticism and offer of armor, David remained steadfast in his humble reliance on God (verses 38-40).

In a remarkable turn of events, David’s single stone hit the giant, securing victory for Israel. This instilled fear in the Philistine army, leading to their defeat (verses 48-52).

David’s triumph showcased his unwavering faith and courage, proving that humility and reliance on God can conquer seemingly insurmountable challenges.

3 Qualities of Bible Heroes

1) Being followers of Christ

In an interview by General Conference Associate Director of Communications Sam Neves, Adventist Church Youth Director Gary Blanchard quotes Apostle Paul. He goes, “All disciples are believers, but not all believers are disciples.”

True enough, many Christians today are Christians by name but are unfortunately not faithful followers of Christ. Meaning to say, to be a Bible hero is to obey God and His commandments.

God’s law and Word are “not arbitrary,” Gary continues. “He doesn’t just come up with a bunch of laws and rules…because He can, and He’s God.” His laws “are not made to chain us down and imprison us.” Instead, “they’re actually made to set us free.”

2) Standing up for the right no matter what

Heroes: Daniel and his friends rejecting the Babylonian food
Photo credit: JW.org

For Gary, a Bible hero is “a person who is willing to live for God though the heavens fall.” In other words, he is “willing to stand true for the Lord” even when things turn against him.

Sam adds, “We need a generation [that is] willing to draw the line.” Anyone from this generation must have the courage to say, “From this point onwards, I will go no further.”

“This may bring persecution,” but he doesn’t fear the consequences of staying faithful to God.

Gary takes Daniel as an example. According to him, this Bible hero was “a young man who had integrity…in an environment that did not have [one].” 

In Babylon, Daniel and his friends resisted King Nebuchadnezzar’s command to worship idols and eat royal food, remaining faithful (Daniel 1:8-16; 3:12-27). Despite threats of death by fiery furnace, they were miraculously spared.

In King Darius’ time, Daniel’s unwavering faith protected him in the lion’s den, prompting the king to honor this faithful man’s God (verses 10-23 of chapter 6). Through Daniel’s steadfastness, God’s power was revealed, affirming the importance of faith in adversity.

3) Being able to influence other people

Heroes: Influencing another person to study the Bible
Photo credit: Campbellsville University Online

Daniel was just one of several Bible heroes whose faithfulness greatly influenced the people around.

We also have John, the apostle of love, who was once the son of thunder. His preaching led to the establishment of the early church after Jesus’ resurrection.

Mary Magdalene was once an adulterer. Yet, her humble act of washing Jesus’ feet with perfume showed the disciples what sincere confession was. And Jesus forgave her.

There were many others but the greatest of them all was Jesus, our ultimate Superhero.

Despite being God, He came to earth in human form to live with us and die for our sins. It has given us salvation and eternity in heaven.

With all this, a Bible hero doesn’t only do what is right but also influences people to know God.

What Lessons Do These Bible Heroes Teach Us?

1) God loves us despite our sinfulness.

Heroes: Jesus holding a woman's hand
Photo credit: Canva

Bible heroes were imperfect like us. They had flaws and committed sin as well.

For instance, David committed adultery with Bathsheba. Samson broke his Nazarite vow when he fell in love with Philistine women and had his hair cut. And Peter denied Jesus 3 times.

But despite these, they asked for forgiveness and changed for the better. “They kept focusing on God, [which] made all the difference,” Sam adds.

2) Life is like a game.

Heroes: Man in a maze
Photo credit: Canva

Trivia games like our very own Heroes have puzzles and challenges to solve. Video games like A Journey Towards Jesus have adventures and missions to accomplish.

Even our church program, Pathfinders, has skills to learn and obstacles to overcome. It trains the youth to become followers and witnesses of Christ.

In fact, “Pathfinders is what taught me gamification,” Sam shares.

“You do this, and then you do that” then “you get a badge [to] put on your uniform.” With the badges you collect, “you level up.”

This gamified progress speaks of life’s journey.

Like the Bible heroes, we encounter trials that test our endurance, determination, and faith in God. As we age, these challenges become more difficult.

But, as a reward, we learn lessons that make us stronger to face more challenges ahead. We cherish these learnings forever.

3) We need each other to grow.

Heroes: Family talking
Photo credit: Canva

Gary notes that Pathfindering provides an “atmosphere for young people to grow spiritually and…as people.”

“It’s also a great opportunity…for adults to get involved in the lives of young people.” They mentor and encourage them.

True enough, young people need the older generation and the latter needs to reach out to the former. In short, they must help each other.

Gary adds, “Even the heroes in the Bible…have older generations that they leaned on and learned from.”

4) Jesus is our ultimate Role Model.

Heroes: Jesus

We admire Noah, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Samson, Esther, Daniel, David, and other Bible heroes. But let’s not forget that they all point to the ultimate Superhero of all—Jesus.

He is our greatest Role Model. As a sinless Being, He lived a perfect life which we can emulate from.

So, as we look at our Bible heroes, let’s take the Apostle Paul’s advice: “Copy me as I’m copying Christ. Follow me as I’m following Christ.”

What Have You Learned?

Did you enjoy reading this blog?

What have you learned from the Bible heroes?

Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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