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What Makes a Hero: 3 Qualities Based on the Bible

What makes a hero? It is those big muscles or some superpowers like Superman, Batman, and other fictional superheroes have?

In this article, discover the 3 qualities of a true hero based on the Bible.

But first, let’s enumerate a few heroic qualities from a human perspective.

What We Think Makes a Hero

1) Superhuman abilities or skills

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One of the defining characteristics we see from superheroes is possessing extraordinary powers or skills that set them apart from mere humans.

These abilities include super strength, speed, agility, telekinesis, shape-shifting, and other unique powers that contribute to their heroic identity.

Superman, for instance, possesses superhuman strength, speed, leaping, durability, senses, and mental abilities.

Spider-man, on the other hand, has durability, energy, fighting, intelligence, speed, and strength as his superpowers.

2) Distinctive costume and symbol

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Appearance is crucial to the identity of any superhero.

A unique and memorable costume, along with an iconic symbol or logo, helps establish their brand and makes them easily recognizable. This visual representation contributes to their overall appeal and can become a symbol of hope and inspiration.

Captain America’s costume, for instance, comprises red, white, and blue color scheme with star and stripes, chainmail armor, helmet with wings, utility belt, and boots. His most iconic symbol is perhaps his circular shield.

Thor’s costume, on the other hand, consists of a red cape, silver or gold armor, sleeves and gauntlets, boots, and Mjolnir (mighty hammer). This hammer is often considered as his symbol.

3) Sense of morality and commitment to justice

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Superheroes are typically guided by a strong sense of morality and a commitment to justice.

They often have a clear understanding of right and wrong and strive to use their powers for the greater good. This moral code serves as a compass, guiding their decisions and actions in the face of adversity.

Superman, for instance, would rescue people from natural disasters, prevent crime by fighting villains, and educate by promoting moral values.

Iron Man, on the other hand, would use his technological prowess to create advanced weapons to fight for peace and allocate resources for philanthropic activities.

What Makes a Hero Based on the Bible

1) Prayer coupled with faith

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Real-life heroes don’t wear flashy costumes nor possess superpowers. Instead, they turn to prayer as a powerful weapon.

One such hero is Hannah, a woman in biblical history who endured the pain of infertility and discrimination from her husband’s other wife, Peninnah.

Despite her hardships, she fervently prayed, and her persistence moved the priest Eli, who initially mistook her prayer for intoxication. Her passionate prayers were answered, and she became pregnant, giving birth to a son named Samuel (1 Samuel 1:1-20).

Daniel, another hero, faced captivity in a foreign land.

But instead of resorting to violence, he relied on his faith and prayer life, impressing King Nebuchadnezzar with his wisdom and interpretation of his dream (Daniel 2).

2) Ability to see challenges as an opportunity to grow

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Heroes embrace challenges, viewing adversity as an opportunity for growth and refinement through prayer and divine intervention.

Like gold being refined under extreme temperatures, heroes believe that trials mold and reshape their character.

King David, a biblical hero, concurs with this perspective, saying, “It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees” (Psalm 119:71, NIV).

3) Willingness to work with other people

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Heroes recognize the importance of depending on others. They avoid the illusion of knowing everything and instead surround themselves with knowledgeable individuals.

Solomon, a remarkable hero in the Bible, demonstrated leadership by delegating tasks, leading to the growth of his kingdom (1 Kings 4:20-28).

Jesus, too, embraced collaboration by sending out 72 men to proclaim the message of the kingdom of God (Luke 10:1-24).

What Have You Learned?

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