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Represent your country, city, and local church and be the first-ever Heroes World Champion!
Did you know you could compete in the live Heroes World Championship games from May 19 through May 22? It will all culminate in a final showdown on Sunday, May 23!


Ian Grey Segui - Heroes II Champion 2021

How it Works

From May 19 to May 22, during the Global Campmeeting, there will be daily qualifying rounds you can enter to compete for a place in the finals on Sunday, May 23.

The Heroes team will help you get started with the game. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes peek of how Heroes 2 was created and be able to talk to some of the creators!.

Just before each match, a challenge link will be posted in our booth. The link will allow you to compete in a qualifying round by playing against other players, on your mobile device.

The eight highest-scoring players from each qualifying round will enter the semi-final round held just moments later.

In the semi-final round, you will compete against seven other qualifying players in a fast-paced, live Bible trivia Q&A, led by our host.

The semi-finalists from each daily game session will move on to compete in the finals for the first-ever Heroes World Championship on Sunday, May 23, hosted by Heroes game creator Pastor Sam Neves!


Heroes II Schedule 2


  1. Enter the Qualifying Round
    1. Join the Zoom link at the start time.
    2. Have the latest version of Heroes installed on your phone.
    3. The game will start when we publish the qualifier link on this page.
    4. Be quick, the qualifier will last only 15 min.
    5. The top 8 people will go through to the semi-final round which is LIVE on the same zoom meeting.
  2. If you are a semi-finalist:
    1. Our host will immediately lead you in a semi-final match against the other players
    2. Semi-finalists will answer multiple-choice questions verbally, as quickly as possible.
    3. During the semi-finals, all effects will be available and you can wisely choose 3 to use.
    4. The winner of the semi-final round will be determined by the total time and number of correct answers.
  3. If you are a finalist:
    1. The winners of each semi-final round will move on to the finals, held on Sunday, May 23.


To participate, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • You can play all four daily challenge links, one daily challenge per language. (You can try as many times, and different languages as you need but you will need to speak that language in the semi-final)
  • Install the Heroes 2 app on your mobile device. Download here.
  • Be familiar with the game features and dynamics, such as XP, Manna, and Effects. If you need help, watch here our playlist teaching you how to play.
  • Get the challenge link for each round, from the Heroes booth at Global Campmeeting
  • Have a reliable internet connection, a computer, tablet or smartphone with camera and microphone.
  • If you are one of the top 8 for that challenge link, make sure you join our Zoom room using your computer, tablet, or smartphone 20 minutes before the game session starts.
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