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Jesus the Superhero: 7 Reasons Why He Deserves That Title

Jesus the Superhero: 7 Reasons Why He Deserves That Title
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We have a lot of favorite superheroes from the movies we watch. But we forget about Jesus the Superhero, Who came to save us.

In this article, we’ll be answering these questions:

  • Why do we call Jesus our Savior?
  • What makes Him the ultimate Superhero?
  • How can He save us?

Let’s dive in!

Son of God: Savior of Man

We may know Jesus as the Man who was crucified. But not everyone knows why He was crucified. He was mocked at the cross as to why ‘He couldn’t even save Himself, if, He had said, He was The God’. 

So, why did He let it happen? One simple answer – to SAVE US.

As said in His word, in John 3:16 (NKJV), “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Yes, God loved us so much that He gave His only Son. This was all done so that we could be saved, renewed, and receive an everlasting life. 

Save us from what? Our sins.

Jesus the Superhero: 7 Reasons Why He Deserves That Title

In the beginning, after God created mankind, man sinned and was cast out from paradise because of it. . Throughout time, mankind continued to sin, which angered God. 

But God loved us and didn’t want us to be punished and lost forever. That’s why Jesus came down from His throne and sacrificed His life for us.

Now, isn’t that the most amazing Hero ever? The One who would give His life so that you could be saved, be free, and live eternally. 

Qualities of the Ultimate Savior

So, why is Jesus the greatest superhero and the only Savior we need? What qualifies Him to be the ultimate hero in our lives? 

In a segment of Heroes with Pastor Andrés Peralta, he talks about the greatest Bible Hero of all times—Jesus. He shares that the divinity of Jesus is what separates Him from all the other heroes. You can watch the whole video here:                               

Pastor Peralta explains that Jesus is 100% God and 100% human. His divinity is what qualifies Him to be the ultimate Superhero. Here are the 7 qualities of Jesus, the Superhero.

1) He lived a righteous life.

Jesus Christ is the model of righteousness. He is the living Word of God. When Jesus came to this world, it was in the most humble way. 

He was not born in a sophisticated place or manner but on a manger in the humblest way. And as He grew up, He didn’t wear a golden crown or have the finest silks. Jesus lived like an ordinary man but walked this life in faith. 

The Son of God displayed His power with humility. He loved everyone. He did not boast and abuse His power. Even when tempted, Jesus remained faithful and obedient to the Father. 

This obedience to the Father, no matter what He encountered, was what made Jesus righteous. And He applied it in His daily life. All that He did was good and in accordance with the Father’s will.

2) He had an infallible character.

Usually, other heroes have flaws. Some were easily tempted, others were impatient, and so on. But Jesus never broke His patience.

As the Son of God that He is, His character always showed nothing but the best. He never depended on the world’s wisdom but only on the Father’s. Also, He always sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus faced challenges, temptations, and struggles with a still heart. He never let His emotions get the best of Him. 

Jesus the Superhero: 7 Reasons Why He Deserves That Title

Our Savior didn’t plant anger in His heart when He was persecuted and betrayed. Even when He was tortured and about to be crucified, Jesus asked the Father to forgive the people who sinned against Him. Even in the end, He thought of us.

3) He was serene and still.

Jesus didn’t live a calm and smooth life. When born, He was already persecuted. Even on the day He became known as the Son of God, life didn’t get easier 

It was a chaotic time. People were sinful and indulged in worldly matters. Jesus was no exemption to the struggles and trials of this world. 

He was the Son of God but He was not treated as such. People mocked and ridiculed Him. But He remained calm because Jesus knew the truth. He was the truth. Just as He said in John 4:16, I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Even when people were disrespecting the house of God, Jesus didn’t display anger in a negative way. He still acted with righteousness.

4) He has been the greatest inspiration of all.

Jesus the Superhero: 7 Reasons Why He Deserves That Title
Photo credit: freebibleimages.org

Have you ever wondered why Jesus had to come to earth just to save us? Because He was God, He could do it without leaving His throne. 

No, it wasn’t all because of that. He came to this world and gave His life to save us because He loved us. He wanted to be with us and relate to us as a human.

Jesus gave up His throne to come here and personally touch our lives. He wanted to be one with us, even for a short time, and see and know the power of God. He knew our hearts more than anybody else. That’s why He had to do what He did. 

He lived in this world and showed us how we must live, and through Him, we now know the Way. His life became the most remarkable testimony in history that inspires us all.

5) He demonstrated an unconditional love.

Jesus the Superhero: 7 Reasons Why He Deserves That Title
Photo credit: Canva

Many people were cruel to Jesus. If you think bullying was just at school, you’re wrong. Jesus was bullied big time. And He experienced many kinds of hurt and pain.

Even His disciples caused Him pain. But, what did He do to these people? Did He seek revenge on them? Did He tell the Father to punish them? 

No! Jesus forgave. In His last words, before His last breath, Jesus asked the Father to forgive the people. As He said in Luke 23:34, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Jesus is the embodiment of love, and love knows no faults. He loves us all equally.

6) He has been true to His identity.

The heroes we know in movies and comic books usually hide their identities. Like Superman covering himself up with glasses and becoming Clark Kent. But, Jesus didn’t need or want to hide who He really was. 

The Son of God made it known to people who He was. It was a matter of who would believe or not. One thing is sure, it was His identity. 

He didn’t hide from the world who He was, yet the world rejected Him. Jesus didn’t need to sugarcoat things. He was direct and frank of His true being. 

Jesus is King of kings. But, Jesus didn’t live like a king in this world. Why? Because He had a greater Kingdom awaiting Him. He knew who He was, and He didn’t need to conform to this world.

7) He never sinned.

In this world, to live a life without committing sin, may seem impossible. But Jesus made the impossible possible.

Yes, He lived a life free of sin. This proves how Holy and divine Jesus is. Even when the devil itself tempted Him, He didn’t give in. He is God, and He is in control.

Being the Son of God, Jesus was the perfect example for His people and lived up to that role. No mistakes, no wrongdoings, no acts against His Father. Jesus was committed and obedient. 

He is Mighty to Save

Jesus the Superhero: 7 Reasons Why He Deserves That Title
Photo credit: freebibleimages.org

Are you having trouble right now? Do you think you’re in a tight spot and need to be saved? Do you think your situation is impossible to overcome? Worry no more!

Jesus is here to save you! Just grab your nearest Bible and call His name. He’s just waiting for you to call so He can save your day. 

Is Jesus also your ultimate Superhero? How did He save you? We’d love to hear from you.

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