How To Bring Your Family Closer Together With Bible Games (The Definitive Guide)

You’ve read it right! Playing Bible games can bring your family closer together.

In this article, you will learn how through these simple, practical steps:

  • Scheduling a family playtime
  • Choosing your family game
  • Creating family routines and traditions
  • Playing outdoors
  • Challenging your gaming skills with a community

Without further ado, let’s plunge into the ocean.

I. Schedule Your Family Game Time

Is this your dilemma?

Is every day busy? Almost no interaction at home? Physically present but socially absent?

Well, I got it. You badly want your family to pause for a moment and have fun.

Interestingly, as the title says, playing Bible games can significantly enhance your family dynamics.

As a matter of fact, there is a study by SAGE Journals concerning this. It says, “The more frequently family members play video games together, the better…satisfaction and…closeness they have.”
Do you believe that? But how can you break the silence and gather everyone?

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Get a pen and a piece of paper.
  2. Schedule your daily activities.
  3. Set a time for playing Bible games.
  4. Decide how frequently you want it.

With all these, what’s important is that your plan is realistic, attainable, and sustainable. 

How would you like to start now?

What’s in it for you?

  1. Your family members stay on the same page.

True enough, scheduling family game time unites your members toward a common goal of spending time together.

Consequently, you adjust your plans to give way for this bonding activity. When it’s time to play, it’s now easy for you to set aside your other engagements.

  1. You establish recreation as your family routine.

How much time do you spend on recreation? Where is it on your priority list?

By including playtime in your schedule, you make it part of your family routine. Eventually, it becomes your way of life.

  1. You clap back against procrastination.

Because of the busyness of daily life, recreation often hangs on the waiting list.

Fortunately, scheduling your game time prevents delay. It reminds you to spend time on it before it’s too late. Significantly, it improves your time management skills.

  1. Your family plays on purpose.

Creating a schedule motivates your family to play Bible games with an intention.

That is, you don’t just play for entertainment. Instead, you get clear with your goal of strengthening your family bond while educating yourselves about God’s Word.

  1. You prevent conflicts.

Mom is cooking and cleaning the house. Meanwhile, Dad is doing his carpentry and repair work. Also, the kids are doing their school work.

With a schedule, each of you gets to anticipate things. As such, you plan your errands accordingly such that they won’t interfere with your family game time.

II. Choose the Best Game For Your Family

Bible games can either be physical or digital.

The physical type consists of board games, outdoor relays, and the like. Meanwhile, the digital type comprises video games you install on your computer or mobile gadgets.

Now, choose from eight of the best Bible games:

  1. Heroes Bible Trivia Game

“Heroes” is a Bible trivia game developed and published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is in cooperation with Hope Channel International and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Now, who is your favorite superhero? Also, who is your favorite Bible character?

In this game, get to know the following characters portrayed as “heroes” by answering trivia questions directly from them:

  1. John, the son of thunder
  2. Esther, the queen of courage
  3. Samson, the legend
  4. Ruth, the wise widow
  5. Noah, the captain
  6. Joseph, the dreamer
  7. Adam and Eve, the forerunners
  8. Jesus, the Lion of Judah
  9. Daniel, the wise seer
  10. Moses, the lawgiver
  11. Mary Magdalene, the tomb raider
  12. David, the giant slayer

For every correct answer, you collect points and special effects. Significantly, these perks help you unlock more heroes and answer more thrilling questions. Besides, advance your game with options to buy and upgrade.

All these you can enjoy in 3D graphics and animation. Even more interesting, it is free of charge! Thus, you won’t get advertisements popping up on your screen.

Still, you can play in single- or multiplayer modes. Thus, you can invite your family and friends to play with you.

Now, how cool is it to know you can play this game in your language?

Currently, it accommodates four primary languages. These are English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. However, expect more translations soon!

Indeed, what a great way to study the Bible and develop your faith while having fun!

  1. Superbook Bible Trivia Game

“Superbook” is another Bible trivia game. Christian Broadcasting Network is its developer.

Gizmo, a loveable robot, is your host. With this guide, you explore various engaging questions and answers about Bible characters, places, events, and others.

Now, its features include these three power-ups that serve as your lifelines for tricky questions:

  1. “Unlocking” – power-up you get from every correct trivia answer; helps you unlock another level
  2. “Downloading” – power-up you get after using a lifeline
  3. “Earning Back” – gem you get from every correct answer; helps you get unlimited power-ups

Aside from power-ups, there are also unlimited Bible hints. For instance, the green Superbook Device button opens a Bible verse. It gives you a clue of the correct answer.

Finally, there are three levels to play:

EasyBeginner30 seconds per question10 points per correct answer
MediumIntermediate20 seconds per question20 points per correct answer
HardAdvanced5 seconds per question30 points per correct answer

Indeed, Superbook is a challenging educational game to play. Besides, it is entertaining and interactive.

  1. Noah’s Elephant in the Room

Have you played Pac-Man? If you have, do you miss chasing dots inside the maze while avoiding ghosts?

Developed by Joel Carlson, “Noah’s Elephant in the Room” has a similar style. Specifically, you run around Noah’s ark while riding on a giant elephant.

Doing this, you have to collect peanuts by not being caught by his three sons. Why? It’s because they try to put the elephant back in its cage to ruin your fun.

Moreover, you will love the easy controls. Also, the gameplay is fun, and the animation is fantastic. Besides, there is good Scripture memory.

  1. Watch Ya Mouth 

Have you worn a dental mouthpiece? How awkward and funny does it feel to expose your teeth and gums?

Plus, you’re having a hard time emphasizing consonants. It is what you will expect when you play “Watch Ya Mouth.”

Now, these are the steps to play:

  1. Wear the cheek retractor.
  2. Get a card.
  3. Read the written phrase. It can be about a biblical character, place, thing, event, or the like.
  4. Let your playmates guess the phrase.

For sure, you won’t be able to pronounce most letters correctly. And that’s the fun of it! Imagine the crazy faces and laughter you will enjoy with your family.

  1. Act Your Wage!

“Act Your Wage!” is a board game by Dave Ramsey. It is based on his debt snowball concept.

Specifically, it is a strategy of debt reduction. Here, you pay off debts from the smallest to the most outstanding balance. You gain momentum as you settle each amount.

Interestingly, you apply that principle as you play this game. Specifically, you earn a salary, pay bills, save, and pay off debts. Your goal is to be the first to yell, “I’m debt-free!”

With this game, your family learns the importance of budgeting and saving.

  1. Pharisees: The Party Game

Have you played Mafia, also known as Werewolf? If so, you would have learned it as a social deduction game.

With this, here is how to play:

  1. Divide players into two teams.
  2. Each player takes on a role for the night and day.
  3. During the night, those of you who have night-killing powers kill other players.
  4. During the day, surviving players debate the identities of other players. If you are one of them, you can vote to eliminate a suspect.
  5. The game continues until the conflict reaches a win condition. Specifically, you eliminate the evil minority or any rival evil groups.

Now, this concept is the same as that of “Pharisees: The Party Game.” However, the characters are from the Bible.

For instance, you follow a prophet named Jesus. Unfortunately, the religious leaders, Pharisees, aren’t happy about Him, just as they were in biblical times.

Every night, these leaders sneak into your community to search for any of the disciples to stone. As a follower, you have to find and excommunicate the Pharisees before they stone any of you.

Meanwhile, you can also take the role of a Pharisee. Specifically, you have to convince the disciples that you’re innocent. But while doing it, you secretly try to stone them one by one at night.

If you are fond of mission-based games, you will surely love this one.

  1. Solomon’s Temple

Are you familiar with King Solomon’s story in the Bible, especially concerning the building of his temple?

In “Solomon’s Temple,” two players compete on constructing the temple. The challenge comes from the Israelites, who continue falling into sin.

When they sin, the construction stops. Thus, you have to lead the people back to God. Aside from this, there are Babylonian invasion forces from the north. They try to destroy the entire city.

As you role-play the Israelites’ leader, you must handle everything with faith and patience. More so, you’re fighting with your game opponent.

Your goal to complete the temple includes all structure and furnishing cards. If you’re the first one to play “filling of the Holy of Holies,” you’re the winner.

  1. Guesstures: Bible Edition

If you are good at acting up things in split seconds, you will enjoy this game a lot.

As a fact, Guesstures is one of the best-selling charades. However, this edition focuses on biblical topics.

Now, these are the mechanics:

  1. Have two or more players divided into two teams.
  2. Turn on the Mimer Timer. Each round usually runs for thirty minutes.
  3. Get a card.
  4. Act up the word written.
  5. As soon as your team guesses it, grab the card before the timer swallows it.

With this, you get more points with more difficult words to guess. Finally, the team with the most points wins.

III. Create Family Routines and Traditions With Bible Games

According to Dr. Christine Carter of UC Berkeley, today’s typical families are busy. However, they still “want to feel close-knit” and thus “long for quality time together.”

Ideas to get you started

  1. Have a storytelling session with your kids.

Without a doubt, kids love stories.

As such, invite them to a storytelling session. Tell your children their favorite Bible stories. Alongside, play a Bible game to compare and verify the names of people, places, and others.

You can do this any time of the day. However, it’s best before bedtime. Like music, stories are children’s instant sleeping pills.

  1. Have a daily family worship and prayer time.

For your family’s spiritual development, spend time together on worship and prayer.

As you wake up, before doing anything, gather your members. Sing songs and study the Bible. Then, pray. 

While preparing your breakfast, kids can play their favorite Bible games as a pastime.

Finally, do the same ritual before dinner.

  1. Plan a family night.

During special occasions like birthdays, you prepare a lot. More often than not, you even invite friends to come over to your house.

A family night deserves the same preparation. However, as the term implies, spend it privately with your family. Depending on your availability, you can do it once or twice a week.

So, cook your favorite dishes, drinks, and snacks. Then, set up a karaoke. And, of course, prepare your favorite Bible games.

  1. Conduct a family reunion.

True enough, a family reunion is much like a family night. However, with this one, you can invite your relatives.

Now, do the same preparation and activities as in your family night, including Bible games. Indeed, it’s an exciting opportunity to share your games with them, and vice versa.

How do these routines and traditions strengthen your family bond?

  1. They create fond memories.

True enough, routines and traditions give your family unique and memorable experiences. Simple or extravagant, you cherish these memories.

Significantly, these memories mark your heart and last a lifetime. Hence, your relationship becomes strong.

  1. They provide a sense of belonging and security.

Routines and traditions define your goals and values as a family. As such, it makes you stand out from others.

Because of this, you get a sense of the environment to which you belong. Also, you feel safe and secure.

  1. They help carry on your heritage and pass on good values.

Routines and traditions give your family its unique identity.

Specifically, you have a history and culture that set you apart from others. Also, you establish your life principles and values.

Significantly, you cherish these practices. Eventually, you pass these on to your next generation.

IV. Go Outdoors

Can you resist these exciting adventure ideas?

  1. Have a picnic.

Picnics are a classic family bonding activity.

So, to prepare, invite your family to go to the market and shop for food. Get fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks. Grab some drinks, too. Then, make your favorite sandwiches and beverages.

Also, don’t forget to bring your favorite Bible board games. And of course, have your mobile games ready as well.

Next, choose a beautiful park. Meanwhile, a portion of grass in your backyard will also do. 

After setting up everything, play games for some warm up. Take advantage of your open space to walk, run, and jump all you want.

Then, rest while enjoying the lovely scenery with your delicious snacks and some music.

  1. Go camping.

Camping is much like a picnic. However, you can stay overnight. Besides, you have more things to prepare. 

Aside from food and beverages, you need to bring your cooking and sleeping materials, among others. Of course, don’t forget your tent, lights, table, and emergency kit.

As you arrive, set up everything. Cook and eat together. Then, play music on a loudspeaker to maintain a good atmosphere.

Then, play your Bible games as the highlight of your program. After which, have a sharing of reflections and moral lessons learned.

Finally, pray as a family before you sleep. Then, wake up the next day with a beautiful view of nature.

You can stay for longer repeating the same activities. Or, you can go hiking at a nearby mountain.

  1. Go stargazing on a clear night.

How would you like to discover new constellations or new planets?

To do this, go to an open field. However, a good view of the sky right through your window will do.

All you need is a good binocular. Better yet, if you have a telescope, you can view the stars more clearly and zoom in further.

From time to time, have a break playing Bible games on your mobile gadget. Then, have a reflection time while enjoying the cool night breeze.

How does your family benefit from an outdoor trip?

  1. You can freely unwind and destress.

Going out gives you time to relax and break free from your daily stresses and worries.

Significantly, your family gets an opportunity to meditate and relax. Hence, your health and mood improve. 

According to a study by Science Direct, spending time outdoors helps improve your mental health. Specifically, nature excursions alleviate your feelings of time pressure and mental stress.

Especially if you’re an urban settler, going into adventures increases your life satisfaction, happiness, and mindfulness.

  1. You get to appreciate God’s creation.

What bright, sunny day, isn’t it? How delightful it is to look high into the peaceful sea of clouds!

Then, at your eve level is a beautiful landscape of plains and mountain ranges. While enjoying the scenery, the cool breeze gently caresses your face.

With this, how can your family not appreciate God’s magnificent creation? It feels like you don’t want to go home anymore to enjoy this experience every day.

  1. You develop your social skills.

It’s not a time to be alone in your closet. Neither is it a time to be lonely. Instead, it is an opportunity to get social.

Especially if you missed a lot of time for each other’s life updates, this is your perfect time to catch up.

With this, you develop your communication skills by speaking and listening. More importantly, you break the barriers as you become more open and intimate with each other.

V. Challenge Your Family’s Gaming Skills With A Community

So, you’ve learned to include Bible games in your family time. Now, how about challenging your skills with other families?

  1. Join a Bible gaming tournament.

Go to your local church. Then, look into their event calendar. Or, go to your child’s school. Also, you can ask your community or local government.

Do they have a schedule for Bible gaming tournaments? If so, when is the soonest?

Now, grab this rare opportunity! Register your family to join. Enjoy playing with other families!

  1. Why not create your own Bible gaming project, too?

Isn’t it exciting?

First, brainstorm with your family. Come up with the best possible game for your community.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. As much as possible, be practical. Focus on the value and experience it gives.

After finalizing your proposal, collaborate with your local church leaders or school faculty.

Perhaps, they have brilliant ideas, too, to fill in the holes. Also, they can help you with logistics, marketing, and other necessities.

Are you excited to see your project finally launched? Taste that fulfilling and rewarding experience seeing your participants have fun and learnings.

What Do You Think?

How did you find this article?

Specifically, what do you think about the Bible games we’ve mentioned? Which do you like the most? Do you have other games in mind?

Also, what have you learned from our tips? Which ones resonate with you the most? When do you plan to practice them?

With these, we are excited to hear from you.

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